Mission: Love more. Expect more. Be more.

Valley Christian School is a flourishing, faith-based educational system transforming the lives of students through love, scholarship, and mission. We are here to infuse the unity of faith under one God and to enhance spirituality and education within our students. Our teachings become their knowledge, hoping they will continue to enlighten others. We exemplify the best educational approach for our students so they can reach their fullest potential.

Valley Christian School is driven by core values; they are spirit, safety, learning, and leadership.

1. Spirit means that the Holy Spirit leads students and staff into all truth.

2. Safety means insulation, not isolation, living in the world but not of it.

3. Learning is student-centered not subject-centered; we endeavor to light the torch of learning through rigorous academics that prepare students for college, career, and the Christian life.

4. Leadership is servant leadership, which is modeled and instilled in