Valley Christian Schools believe that for a student to be successful they
require the love and support in all areas including academics,
spiritually, and emotionally.  It is our goal to partner with parents to
ensure that the needs of our students are met through a long-lasting
and sustainable partnership with two-way communication and mutual
respect. At VCS there are many avenues for families to communicate
and get involved in extracurricular activities, special events,
and forums for parent feedback through surveys and committees.

The Valley Christian School Parent Advisory Council’s primary purpose
is to serve as a liaison among the administration and families to promote
and maintain communication, understanding and a Christian community within the school family.

If you would like an agenda recommendation for the next meeting please fill out the form below. Topics must be system-wide issues or suggestions that benefit VCS as a whole. Specific issues concerning your student or campus should be directed to the teacher and/or building principal.

Thank you in advance for your participation!