Students of the Week 3/21-25

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Our 3-5th grade Student of the Week is Jayden Rivera-Colon.

His teacher wrote: Jayden goes above and beyond in the classroom. He shows good sportsmanship while crushing it on Quizlet. He sets the bar high for himself and his classmates.

Our 6-8th grade Student of the Week is London Torres-Brooks.

Her teacher wrote: London is an outstanding student. She is always ready for a challenge.

VCS AcDec Team wins State Title!

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Valley Christian School is proud to have competed and won the state title in the Small School division for the Ohio State Academic Decathlon Competition!  Students have been studying this year on the theme of “Water” to prepare for the competition.  To prepare, students study in 7 objective test areas and 3 subjective test areas.

  • Math
  • Science
  • Art
  • Literature
  • Social science
  • Music
  • Economics


  • Speech- Impromptu and Prepared
  • Interview
  • Essay

Prior to the state competition, students competed in 3 scrimmage competitions with the Erie, PA Academic Sports League.  Students excelled in those competitions taking home at least one medal in each competition.  In February, students competed in an online Regionals competition and placed second in our division.  This last weekend, students dominated the competition taking home 84 medals across all subject areas and winning the state championship!  Valley students Maria Reichard, Jack Gulu, and Kyle Cornell won best score in their respective divisions, sweeping the leaderboard.  Lastly, of all students participating, only 3 students are chosen to give their prepared speeches at the awards ceremony and Junior, Maria Reichard was one of three students from all schools chosen to present her speech “Living life to its fullest”.

Next year’s national Academic Decathlon theme has been released and students will be studying the “American Revolution”.  All incoming High School students are welcome to participate!  Please contact coach Sara Reichard sreichard@valleychristianschools. net if interested.

Students of the Week 3/14-18

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Our 3-5th grade Student of the Week is Tony Trevathan.

His teacher wrote: Tony is ALWAYS going above and beyond to complete required assignments and to do the right thing. He puts in work at home to excel in school and does not hesitate to share his ideas and participate in class. He is an amazing worker and consistently kind to each and every single student.

Our 6-8th grade Student of the Week is Brianna Paige.

Her teacher wrote: Brianna may be quiet, but she shows true leadership in the classroom. She is extremely well-mannered and self-disciplined. She always goes beyond expectations.

Our High School Student of the Week is Curtis Shaw.

CJ is an amazing person in all facets of life. As a student, athlete, son, brother, and friend. He is extremely responsible and his dedication to not only the things he cares about and enjoys, but also his empathy towards others really shines through on a daily. He has an amazing go-getter attitude and loves coaching and helping others.

His teachers wrote, Curtis is very helpful in class. He leads by volunteering and by helping out his classmates.

Students of the Week 3/7-11

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Our 3-5th Grade Student of the Week is Hezekiah Graham.

His teacher wrote: He is always making good choices and works hard. He is a great student and his Bible knowledge is wonderful.

Our 6-8th grade Student of the Week is Emmanuel Soto.

His teacher wrote: Manny is always kind and a great student. He turns in his homework on time, pays attention in class, and is friendly to others.

Our HS SOTW is Reia Imani Frost, grade 10.

Her parents wrote, Reia has many gifts and talents. She is the oldest of 3 siblings; Aubrie and Preston Frost. Reia is a member of the Mt Zion Baptist church prior to covid she was very active singing in the youth choir mime ministry and puppet ministry. Her favorite color is yellow. She also loves alfredo and enjoys sleeping in especially on the weekends. Reis’s goal is to go to school for performing Arts.

Her teachers wrote, Reia is a beautiful, kind, sweet student who is hardworking and who pushes towards excellence in her schoolwork.

Students of the Week 2/28-3/4

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Our 3-5th grade student of the week is Helina Colon. Her teacher wrote, Helina is an excellent student. She always comes to class prepared, and her great grades show how hard she studies outside of class. She is kind to her fellow classmates, and respectful to her teachers.

Our 6-8th grade Student of the Week is Elisha Ballinger. His teacher wrote: Elisha puts 110% into his school work. This week he scored 109% (with bonus) on one of the hardest tests we’ve taken. He encourages others and is always trying to make VCS the best place possible.

Our HS SOTW is Curtis Cornelius Thomas, grade 11. Curtis loves art and electronics. He is a very respectful and willing to help others. His teachers wrote, Curtis is a hardworking student who pushes towards excellence in his schoolwork. 

VCS Literacy Day

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Around the World In 80 Days Literacy Day will be March 12 from 11:00 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Families attending VCS Literacy Day will have opportunities to visit countries like Italy, France, Egypt, Greece, and Mexico through literature. There will be read alouds and other age-appropriate activities for students in grades K-8. 

Food, bounce arounds, and the Scholastic Book Fair will also be part of the fun! 

VCS Students of the Week 2/14-18

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Our HS SOTW is Jaiona P. Clark, grade 10.

Jaiona is a kind, helpful and wise young lady.  She is fun loving and can “Laugh the House Down”.  She enjoys excelling and can be competitive on many levels.  Jaiona likes earning money and when asked always agrees to help with the family business; she also braids hair for her family and friends.

The only thing she likes more than earning money is saving it and reaching one goal after another.  She is a senior member on her “Harambee Team” which often performs for events throughout the city.  She enjoys both playing basketball and running track. 

Her teachers wrote, Jaiona is a hardworking student who pushes towards excellence in her schoolwork.  She has improved over the course of the year in her self-discipline and motivates her peers to get work done in class.

VCS Students of the Week 2/7-11

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Our 3-5th Grade Student of the Week is Imani Thomas. Her teacher wrote: Imani has been an outstanding student in the classroom. She brings a positive attitude that lights up the

Our 6-8th Grade Student of the Week is Khylee Allison. Her teacher wrote: Khylee is an amazing student. She is very punctual and shows pride in her work.

VCS Students of the Week 1/28-2/4

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Our 3-5th Grade Student of the Week is Kayden McKinney. His teacher wrote: Kayden works extremely hard in the classroom. He uses his vocabulary to build on the topics he is learning about. He has truly grown as a leader in our classroom. Kayden enjoys playing Xbox. His favorite film series is Iron man. He would like to be a car engineer and an electrician when he is older.

The VCS 6-8th Grade Student of the Week is Naomi Graham. Her teacher wrote: Naomi is a hardworking student. She shows her passion for learning in her work. She is also a great leader within the classroom. Naomi is a creative person. She enjoys working on art projects. She also enjoys singing. When she is older, she would like to be a teacher.

VCS Students of the Week 1/10-15

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Our 3-5th Grade Student of the Week is Braylon Gardener-Mims.

Braylon wants to grow to be a lawyer. He likes to watch television. He also enjoys the fly guy series.

His teacher wrote: Braylon is a kind and hard-working individual. He is helpful in the classroom. Braylon shows that he is a true leader.

Our 6-8th Grade Student of the Week is Abigail Martinez.

Abigail enjoys musicals and watching television. She enjoys being creative. She wants to be a veterinarian or a baker when she is older.

Abigail is an outstanding student. She is quiet, but that doesn’t stop her from being a model student in the classroom.

Our HS SOTW is Jhordan Peete, grade 11.

Jhordan is a junior @ VCS who has played three different sports each year. Jhordan plays on the varsity football and basketball team and is also on the track team. He has also earned letters in these sports. Jhordan also was voted Homecoming Prince this fall by his peers!

His teachers wrote, Jhordan is a respectful and friendly student. He comes to class prepared to learn and leads by example. He is motivated to do well in his academics and athletics.