2020-21 Yearbook Sale- Grades 2-6

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  April 30th – May 28th

Our school’s yearbook is the perfect way to finalize and keep all your Elementary School and memories together for years to come.  The price for the yearbook this year will be $25.00 before May 28thafter May 28th the price will go up to $30.00. Yearbook order forms will also be in the Elementary school office, or in Mrs. Griffith’s room 321 (High School).  

VCS High School Student of the Week 4/26-30

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The HS SOTW is Alyssa Hull, grade 12.

Alyssa loves cheerleading and drawing. Alyssa also loves taking her dog for walks. Alyssa’s favorite color is pink, Frozen II is her favorite book and movie. Her favorite subjects are Health, Bible and ELA. Alyssa’s favorite part of her local church services are worship and hearing God’s message.

Her teachers wrote, “Alyssa is one of the sweetest and kindest people you will ever meet. She loves to share things about her family and her schoolmates. She is truly a genuine person and an angel.”

VCS High School Student of the Week 4/19-23

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The HS SOTW is Erick Nazario Lopez, grade 10. Erick is passionate about his family.

His teachers wrote:

Erick is responsible, conscientious, and thoughtful; a gentleman and a scholar

VCS High School Student of the Week 4/12-16

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Our HS SOTW is MiKaela Tensley, grade 12.

Mikaela loves volleyball, basketball, and Track and Field. She is also a member and teacher’s assistant for the Children Ministry at Victory Christian Center

Her Teacher’s wrote:

“MiKaela Tensley maintained a 4.0 through the challenges of distance learning as well as transitioning back to in-person learning all while participating in sports and receiving awards for district and division conference. MiKaela Tensley recently surpassed her shot put record for VCS Track and Field and set a new school record for the second time during her high school experience. She maintains focus through her CCP courses and has been accepted into YSU program. She has attended VCS for 13 years.”

VCS High School Student of the Week 4/5-4/9

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Our HS SOTW for after spring break is Julianna Peterson-Ramos, grade 11.

Julianna loves basketball, volleyball, and watching Tik Tock videos. She is a hard worker, very helpful to others, and her favorite color is blue. Julianna recently just started her first job. She loves spending time with her family and she loves God.

Her teachers wrote: “Julianna is a hard-working student. She is kind and helps others around her if they are struggling. Julianna is one that never gives up when challenged.

2020-2021 Yearbook Sale

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Our school’s yearbook is the perfect way to finalize and keep all your High School and Jr. High memories together for years to come. The price for the yearbook this year will be $50.00 before April 30th after April 30th the price will go up to $60.00. Yearbook order forms will also be in a folder outside the high school office, or in Mrs. Griffith’s room 321. Please turn in your checks along with the bottom portion of this letter to Mrs. Griffith’s (room 321), the Elementary office or the High School office. For those paying by check, please make them out to Valley Christian School along with the name of the student receiving the yearbook. **You may pay electronically at the Business office. You will still need to fill out the form below and send it to jgriffith@valleychrisVanschools.net, and write paid and the date you paid. We will follow up with the business office once I receive your order form

VCS High School Student of the Week 3/22-26

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Carter’s teacher wrote, “Carter is consistently going above and beyond expectations in class. His work is always completed on time and above expectations given on the parameters of the assignment.”

Carter has a passion for music.  He currently plays piano for worship at Victory Christian Center in Coitsville on Sundays.  He plays for the youth group on Wednesdays. 

He plays piano, bass guitar, drums, ukulele, and violin.  One of his favorite bands is the “21 Pilots.”

Carter is also quite the gamer, interested in games like Brawlhalla and Super Smash Bros.

Carter has been on the President’s list from the time he began at VCS.

VCS Students at the United Way Satur-Day of Caring

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It was an early and busy morning for a team of Valley Christian students! The team spent their morning participating in the United Way Satur-Day of Caring. They helped sort, pack and distribute over 300 meals to community members. Students in grades K-8 were involved as well by creating inspirational coloring pages for each bag. Great job, Eagles! #YMVUnitedWay #EagleStrong #LiveUnited #VCS

Picture Retake Day/Remote Student Picture Day

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Picture retake day for all campuses is Tuesday, March 23rd, starting at 9am at Central Campus. In addition, any students who are remote learning, may come to the Central Campus to have pictures taken. Picture forms can be picked up in the Elementary office at Central Campus in advance between 8am-4pm daily. Even if students are not purchasing a picture package, they can still be photographed for our school yearbook/records. Masks must be worn at all times, except while the student is being photographed. Social distancing procedures will be in place.

Remote Students gr. K-12 are to arrive any time between 9:15 am -10:15 am at the Elementary office, Central Campus. There will be picture forms available for parents to complete. Once the forms are completed, the student will be escorted to the high school gym where pictures are being taken. When students are finished with their pictures, they will be escorted back to the Elementary office lobby. Parents must remain in the lobby.

In-Person Kindergarten and 1st-grade students should be dropped off at Pleasant Grove as normal in the morning. Our VCS bus will pick students up at 8:50 am and transport them to Central campus where they will be photographed. Then, our bus will transport the students back to Pleasant Grove.

In-Person Lewis School students are to be dropped off at the Central Campus by 8:45 am where a staff member will supervise them while they wait in our cafeteria. The students will have their pictures taken, then will be transported to the Lewis Center by our VCS bus.

In-Person students at Central Campus, gr. 2-12, will be called to the gym via the loudspeaker when it is their turn to have their picture taken. Students are to report to their homeroom/first-period classes in the morning as they normally do, whether they ride a bus or are dropped off by a parent.

If you have any questions, please call Heidi Swiger, Operations Director, at 330-788-8088, ext. 1118.