Intermediate Student of the Week 3/25-29

March 25, 2024 0 comments Anthony Jandrokovic Categories Uncategorized

Our 3rd-5th Grade Student of the Week is Vaughn Small. His teacher wrote, “Over the past few months, I have seen incredible change in Vaughn. He is always on task, always shows to other students that he has good behavior, and is becoming a young student ready to take on the world ahead of him.” Vaughn likes to play video games, as he is in the VCS eSports Club. He also loves basketball and playing outside.

Our 6-8th Grade Student of the Week is Lauren Moseby. Her teacher wrote, “For a new student, she is really shining bright. She is quiet until you get to know her. However, once you do, she will be your friend for life.” Lauren is very creative and loves to cheer. She is also a great helper. Whether it’s a fellow classmate or her teacher, she is the first to lend a hand.