Home & School Relationship

 Valley Christian Schools believe a child’s education is the primary responsibility of parents; parents choose Christian schooling to help meet that responsibility and entrust their children to our care for the purpose of their spiritual, academic, and their personal growth. We believe the foundation of a successful educational experience is a healthy, proactive relationship between the parent and school. The relationship is one of covenant built on mutual respect and accountability. 

Who We Serve

 Valley Christian Schools serves all who are willing in and around the Mahoning Valley. We embrace diversity: socio-economic, racial, ability-level, and denominational. 

How We Teach

 Valley Christian Schools teaches students holistically through Christ-centered relationships and faith-integrated curriculum to foster spiritual, academic, and personal growth. We offer differentiated instruction to honor and uphold the personhood of each student who is uniquely created in God’s image. 

School Culture

 Valley Christian Schools fosters a healthy school culture and climate with engaged stakeholders, professionally satisfied and developing employees, and students who are equipped for the next stages in their academic and life journeys. A growth mindset culture is present in all subjects and areas of the school including athletics and extracurricular activities. 

What We Teach

Valley Christian Schools values the needs of each student and is careful to foster community and collaboration as we personalize and individualize education. Each child is created as a unique individual who will grow spiritually, academically, and personally. Refer to the VCS Curriculum Guide for an overview of our Philosophy of Christian Worldview in each of these areas.