Second Semester FAQ

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Q. What are my options for the 2 nd semester?

A. All students are expected to return on Monday, January 25. If your student or someone in your home is considered medically at-risk, you must call your building principal to schedule a meeting to discuss the second semester distance learning plan. Distance learning meetings must be conducted by January 20. After January 20th, distance learning meetings will no longer be conducted and distance learning will no longer be an option for your student.

To schedule an appointment please call 330-788-8088 and the school office extension:

High School Principal: Mrs. Hoelzel; extension 1301

2-8th Grade Principal: Mrs. Hull; extension 1214

Pleasant Grove Principal: Mrs. Mansfield; extension 1506

Lewis Center: Maria Altobelli; extension 1401

Q. What are the guidelines for distance learning for the 2 nd semester?

A. Students will only be admitted into the Zoom room for class if they have met with the building principal and have agreed to the distance learning plan. Distance learning guidelines may vary by building and grade level.

Q. Is transportation available for my student?

A. Yes. All bus routes will remain the same unless you receive communication that your time has changed. Please contact Ms. Heidi Swiger at or extension 1118 if you have any questions.

Q. What are the quarantine guidelines for the 2 nd semester?

A. Ohio Department of Health: K-12 quarantine guidelines, updated Dec. 30, 2020

● If a student or teacher is exposed in the classroom setting to someone with COVID-19, quarantine is not recommended for the exposed individual as long as masking and other appropriate protocols are followed.

● Quarantine continues to be advised for anyone who is exposed in the classroom if protocols have not been followed (e.g., students or adults in the classroom did not properly wear masks).

● Quarantine also continues to be advised for anyone exposed during extracurricular activities, including sports, regardless of masking or other protocols. Revised guidelines above only apply in classroom settings.

● In all cases of potential exposure, consult with the local health department for guidance.

Q. What safety guidelines does VCS have in place?

A. All staff and students must wear masks. Desk shields on every desk. Sanitation stations are available in every classroom. Frequent cleaning of high-touch surfaces. Student and staff temperatures are taken daily.

Q. I didn’t see anything in the K-12 Guidelines regarding social distancing? Will social distancing guidelines still be followed in the classrooms?

A. The Ohio Department of Health has removed social distancing language from the guidelines. VCS contacted our local health officials and they continue to encourage 3 feet of social distancing when possible. VCS will follow the guidance of our local health officials.

Q. I am concerned about my student’s quality of education if it is determined we can remain on distance learning for the time being?

A. All families will meet with their building principal to create a distance learning plan to ensure each student’s academic needs are met with the resources available.

Q. Will elementary and high school students change classes when returning to in-person learning on January 25th?

A. Yes, students will transition classes. VCS will ensure that students are wearing masks appropriately and not congregating in the hallways.

Q. Will my student(s) be able to return to distance learning if I am concerned about safety conditions or if COVID numbers increase?

A. After January 25, 2021 students will no longer be able to move to a distance learning plan.

Q. If it is determined, my student(s) are able to remain on distance learning for the time being, will we still have access to pick up meals from VCS?

A. Yes, students would need to contact Tammy Wilit, our Food Service Director and set up a day and time to pick up meals. She can be reached at (330) 788-8088 ext 1113.

Please continue to check the VCS Web Site and all our social media outlets for the most up to date information. We can also be found on Facebook and Youtube. Further questions can be submitted through our Parent Question Submission Form .

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