Valley Christian School believes that all children deserve a Christian education and that children with disabilities are not only recipients of ministry, but also minister to others through their uniqueness and individuality reflecting the image of God in humanity. As one of the only Christian schools in the country to offer a fully functioning Special Education program, Valley Christian School embraces its role as a pioneer in the field of Christian Special Education.

Valley Christian Schools values the whole child’s well being. WINGS is a program that supports the social and emotional growth of our students. The WINGS staff are trained to provide interventions which result in the following benefits: 

  • Promote behavioral change in the classroom
  • Increase academic performance
  • Enhance self-esteem
  • Foster and cultivate relationships
  • Build upon strengths
  • Reduce disciplinary problems
  • Integrate the family into the educational process
  • Improve coping strategies
  • Promote positive school experiences

Valley Christian Schools is committed to utilizing all the resources available to the students we serve. Title services provide tutoring and remedial services via the Federal Title I program. Students whose public school district provides Title I services will receive appropriate services at Valley Christian School. Students are identified on the basis of academic risk and will be provided with services during the school day as well as through summer school.