Students of the Week 3/14-18

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Our 3-5th grade Student of the Week is Tony Trevathan.

His teacher wrote: Tony is ALWAYS going above and beyond to complete required assignments and to do the right thing. He puts in work at home to excel in school and does not hesitate to share his ideas and participate in class. He is an amazing worker and consistently kind to each and every single student.

Our 6-8th grade Student of the Week is Brianna Paige.

Her teacher wrote: Brianna may be quiet, but she shows true leadership in the classroom. She is extremely well-mannered and self-disciplined. She always goes beyond expectations.

Our High School Student of the Week is Curtis Shaw.

CJ is an amazing person in all facets of life. As a student, athlete, son, brother, and friend. He is extremely responsible and his dedication to not only the things he cares about and enjoys, but also his empathy towards others really shines through on a daily. He has an amazing go-getter attitude and loves coaching and helping others.

His teachers wrote, Curtis is very helpful in class. He leads by volunteering and by helping out his classmates.