Valley Christian Schools Safe Return Plan

August 25, 2021 0 comments admin Categories Uncategorized

● VCS will return with 100% in-person learning. Social distancing will be implemented when possible.
● Transportation: Students will be required to wear a face mask while riding the school bus due to federal mandates. The local school district that transports students will relay other information.

Proactive Measures:
○ Support student social and emotional health
○ Purchased ProAir machines for all buildings which contain technology from NASA. They are proven to filter out COVID in the air and on all surfaces.
○ Enhanced sanitation protocols
○ Health and safety precautions

• Face Mask: VCS requires all students and staff to wear face masks indoors during the school day. We will monitor the situation, this may change at any time based upon information being released by the state and/or local Health Department.
● Quarantine: VCS will follow the protocols set by the state and local Health Department. If an individual is exposed to COVID in a K-12 Classroom setting and is wearing a mask regardless of vaccination status, they may remain in school and participate in extracurriculars and athletics as long as they have no symptoms.
● Parents/Guardians: Assess children daily for an elevated temperature and symptoms. If above 100 degrees OR symptoms are present, please keep your child home until they are symptom-free for 24 hours without medicine. Continue to inform the school of positive results and close contact.
● Students: Report to your classroom upon arrival. Carry a water bottle for filling stations. Water fountains will not be available.