VCS Central Campus Restructure

August 25, 2020 0 comments admin Categories Academics, School Updates

Dear VCS Families,

Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.” The upcoming 2020-2021 school year is certainly a new season for all of us in many ways. It brings new challenges and opportunities as we begin our year with distance learning in a new and improved way. It brings new hope that our lives will soon be getting back to “normal” as we see students participating in sports and as we prepare to return students back into the buildings in a few short weeks.

As we get ready to launch the new school year, we are excited to announce some changes, a new season if you will, to the Central Campus administration that we know will enhance the VCS experience of Love More, Expect More, and Be More that you have come to expect.

To better serve you and your students, we have decided to establish distinct administrative teams for the High School (grades 9-12) and Elementary (grades 2-8). To that end, we are excited to announce to you the following new positions and hires:


Principal – Mrs. Christine Hoelzel: Mrs. Hoelzel brings a wealth of knowledge and experience and a strong calling as she has been with VCS for 14 years, most recently as the Director of our Lewis Center for Gifted Learners for the past three years. She is a VCS parent of three children who attended VCS. In addition to her Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Mrs. Hoelzel also has a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction. We believe her steady leadership and strong faith will significantly enhance our high school program.

Academic Dean – Mrs. Shari Ball: Mrs. Ball answered her call to VCS in 2015 as an ELA teacher and part-time administrator at the Lewis Center. She has a total of 26 years’ experience in education and is a proud parent of a VCS graduate. Mrs. Ball has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and a Master’s in Educational Leadership. Mrs. Ball replaces Mr. Dan Kidd, who has taken a position with the Mahoning County Educational Service Center (ESC). We are confident that Mrs. Ball will build on the great foundation Mr. Kidd laid to ensure that academic rigor and high expectations continue for our students.

Dean of Students – Mr. Jomont Ware: Mr. Ware or as some of you may refer to him as Coach Ware was called to VCS in 2016 and has been a valued member of the central campus administrative team for the past three years and most recently as Dean of Boys last year. He will expand his role next year by focusing on all student discipline and student development in the High School to ensure a healthy and vibrant school climate. Mr. Ware earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Science and has a total of 16 years’ experience in education.


Principal – Mrs. Jenn Hull: Mrs. Hull has been with Valley Christian for the past seven years as our Director of Special Education. During that time, she has grown our special needs program into one of the largest private school programs in the state. She has a passion for making the curriculum accessible to every student and will work closely with our elementary teachers and parents to deliver the VCS experience to every student. Mrs. Hull earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Education, two Master’s

Degrees in Special Education and Educational Leadership, and is currently working on her Doctorate Degree in Special Education. She also is a VCS parent.

Vice-Principal – Mrs. Chris Cornell: Mrs. Cornell was called to VCS in 2010 when she started her teaching career as a Junior High Math Teacher. She was promoted to Math Coach in 2017 and was instrumental in implementing a new math curriculum and helped fortify our math department. As Assistant Principal, she will primarily focus on curriculum and instruction while assisting Mrs. Hull in her duties as Principal. Mrs. Cornell has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, is a Certified Math Coach, and attended Harvard University’s MQI Coaching Institute. She will soon complete a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership. Mrs. Cornell is also a VCS parent having had two sons graduate from VC and one who is sophomore.

Dean of Students – Miss Laura Henry: Laura Henry joins VCS this year in a full-time capacity after having spent almost two years at VCS as the district lead with the Youth Intensive Services’ (YIS) WINGS program for students in 2nd-8th grade. She supervised the in-school mental health, behavioral, and emotional support program. Miss Henry also managed the assessment of student needs, behaviors, emotional distress, and thought processes. She assisted students in eliminating barriers as a way to gain and maintain success and independence in/out of the classroom. Laura has her Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations and English and quickly found a passion for working with students while serving in youth ministry for three years at a local church. She will focus on student discipline and development in grades 2-8 and will assist Mrs. Hull in ensuring a healthy and vibrant school culture.

We are excited to offer you the best VCS has to offer as we have been able to fill these positions from within the VCS family. Not only are they all highly qualified and experienced professionals, but more importantly, they are one of us and are called and committed to serving at Valley Christian Schools.

As announced earlier this year, Dr. Shelley Murray will continue in her role as Head of Schools with direct oversight of all three of our campuses. She will work closely with our building leadership teams to ensure our Love More, Expect More, Be More education model is fully implemented. As President and Treasurer, I will work to ensure the mission and vision of Valley Christian School are fulfilled and that the organization has the resources to fund that mission and vision.

Please join us in prayer as we seek God’s wisdom and favor for this new school year. Together and with His help, we will ensure that Valley Christian School remains a flourishing faith-based education system to transform lives by loving more, expecting more, and being more.


Michael A Pecchia  & Dr. Shelley Murray